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Online Schedule

Online Schedule

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Morning Yoga Classes


Morning Yoga

Let's make a habit of waking up early and start your day with sun salutations.

This is a class where you learn the Sun Salutation sequence and practice it by yourself. If you are a beginner, you will be taught how to do it, so don't worry.

Yoga Pilates

Combining Pilates core exercises with yoga poses, this class will give you a comfortable stretch while

Tightens your body.

Hatha Yoga Refresh

Wake up your body with simple movements and deep breathing. Refresh your body with morning yoga so you can be energized for the day.

Ayurvedic Yoga

Hatha yoga and breathing techniques based on the theory of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, tailored to the season and theme

We practice meditation techniques to bring the mind and body into a harmonious and comfortable balance.

Yin Yoga

By holding a pose for an extended period of time, you work on the ligaments and connective tissues, slowly increasing the range of motion in your joints.

It is also known as the yoga of stillness, as it calms the mind, relieves stress and leads to relaxation.

Finger Yoga

By massaging and stimulating the hands and fingers and improving the flow of energy, the body's natural healing powers are enhanced and the mind and body are balanced.

It also corrects posture distortions, making it easier to deepen yoga poses.

This is a gentle yoga class that can be done even by those who are not confident in their physical strength or flexibility.

Evening Yoga Classes


Yoga & Meditation

In the first half, you will do some simple yoga exercises to loosen up your body. Then, you will sit quietly and meditate on Kundalini Yoga Meditation, which will help you to clear away the impurities that have built up in your mind and lead you to comfortable sleep.


Relax Yoga

This is a stress-relieving yoga class that will relax your body and calm your mind. It's time to calm your nerves and take care of yourself.


Yoga & Pranayama

In the first half, we will loosen up the body with some simple yoga exercises. Then, we will calm the mind with breathing techniques and lead to a good night's sleep by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga Nidra

This yoga is done in a resting position on your back. Listen to the verbal guidance and focus on your breath and each part of your body to calm your mind. This is ultimate relaxation yoga where 10 minutes of practice is equivalent to 1 hour of sleep.


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