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ganesha yoga ashiya schedule

Studio Schedule

Ashtanga Yoga
   Mysore Class

This is a group, self-practice class.

It is called Mysore class because it is a style practiced in Mysore, India.

It's a traditional practice method for beginners and experienced students.


You will learn the sequence of asanas taught by your instructor and practice them on your own. Your instructor will then provide individual adjustments and guidance on new poses.

Don't worry if you have trouble remembering the order.

Please ask your instructor each time.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ashtanga Yoga
Beginner Course

A four-lesson course that covers you need to know about Ashtanga Yoga.

We will teach basic knowledge, breathing techniques, bandhas, practice methods, etc.

We will provide one-on-one instruction to each individual's physical condition

so you can start Ashtanga yoga with peace of mind.

You can continue to join Mysore classes after the course.​

Currently recruiting

Mysore class

Sunday Yoga

Pilates, YIn Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga, Hath Yoga and so...

You can enjoy lessons with different content and instructors every week.

Check the schedule every month.


Ashtanga Yoga
Led Class


Instructor guides the students with Traditional Sanskrit counting in Mysore, Indida.

Beginning with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), you will move through a series of prescribed postures in a flowing Vinyasa system that synchronizes breath with movement.

We practice the counting method as practiced in Mysore .

Use Sanskrit Numbers and Asana Names

A simple English guide as Inhale, Exhale, etc.

Counting length during Mysore class practice

It is a good idea to take this class if possible to confirm the names of the asanas .

4th Wednesday and 2nd Friday

*Beginners are not allowed to participate.

Gentle Flow

Using the Vinyasa system, which synchronizes breath and movement, we combine various poses at a slow pace.

I'm going to move my body.

By focusing on your breath you can tap into your inner strength.

In addition, we set a theme each week for shoulders, arms, glutes, hips, etc.

I choose poses and create lesson menus.

By attending once a week, you can tune your entire body in one month.


Yoga Sutra Class

To understand the Yoga Sutras,

Listen to and chant sutras in Sanskrit

I learned from my own experience that it is very important to do so .

In this class, we start with sutra chanting,

Each time we will explain 1-2 sutras.

What is yoga and why do we practice it?

By understanding the Sutras, fundamental questions such as

It will become clear.

Sundays (1st-4th) Online participation also available

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